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From Gonnick of Iceland

Be sure to setup your browser's auto fill configurations in your iPad. Visit Safari's Settings menu and choose AutoFill. When you are there, you may make it possible for Safari to automatically load forms making use of your information. You can also select an option to quickly recall your sign in IDs and security passwords for websites you check out regularly.

Posted on 04.15.2014


Steve of Kennebunkport, Maine, wrote:

It's actually quite easy to publish an app for android phones and tablets in the app store -- and make money from them, without any programming knowledge. Just use Googles app inventor software. If you follow the tutorials, you can have an app up and running in a few minutes -- for free -- without ever learning any programming language. If you make an app that you want to make money with, you can either add advertisements for revenue or charge money per download. Let me know if you need help.

Posted on 04.20.2014


ali3856 of Houston, TX, wrote:

I recently began the journey to try and teach myself how to code and decided I would start out by learning Python. I started reading books and realized I would have to familiarize myself with the Command Line (running OSX). Luckily I was able to find a crash course that took me about 10 hours to complete and taught me the basics of shell programming. After completing the crash course and learning the Command Line I am finally ready to move on to Python. Excited to see where this will take me, my ultimate goal is to create a personal AI assistant!

Posted on 09.11.2016


Brooke Garrett of Las Vegas Nevada, wrote:

I'm so reluctant to let go of my Windows 7 computer because of the software that I use. Can anyone out there tell me if you think my old Adobe CS3 suite will work on a Windows 10 computer?

Posted on 01.24.2017