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The topic: Veganism






From Emily333 of Boston, MA

With celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce trying vegan/vegetarian diets, cutting meat has become trendy. Everyone is on the search for next quick way to lose weight. It may be cutting carbs (and going paleo) or it may be dropping animal products (and going vegan). I am a vegetarian and have recently noticed more people asking me how long I would stay vegetarian for, as if it were only meant to be temporary. Unlike some diets (like juice cleanses), vegetarianism is a lifestyle. People who are vegetarians for animal rights or environmental reasons don't have a stop date, they have commitments. Consuming food is more than just a way to lose weight or feel better, it's about establishing an identity, proclaiming one's values, and making economic choices about what companies to value. I don't think that the vegetarian lifestyle works for everyone and I encourage people to try it. But, the idea of vegetarianism being a quick fix diet meant only for a short period will only result in weight gain (like so many other diets) once you stop.

Posted on 04.19.2014


Badaboom of New York City wrote:

I don't think being vegan is a good idea. By cutting down meat, you lose a lot of protein intake and cannot get that easily. I myself would never think of becoming a vegan. Not eating meat is too hard, plus I would need to eat foods like beans for my daily protein fill and I just hate them.

Posted on 04.26.2014