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The topic: Travel






Sarah C of Montreal QC Canada

The topic of different cultures is extremely difficult...because if you haven't even left the country, it's very hard to relate. If it's your first time travelling out of the country to someplace completely foreign (i.e. suburban US to middle of nowhere, Laos), culture shock is going to hit - hard. I would suggest slowly moving out of your comfort zone, just to prevent a staggering amount of culture shock - which could have extremely psychological and even physiological strains on your body. That said though, if you get bitten by the travel bug - embrace it! The best way to learn and change yourself is to travel lots and lots. You experience so much more that way, and your mind is enhanced. Diversity should be embraced, so don't worry too much if it's all too overwhelming for you - as long as you're not in someplace completely rural, just find the local McDonalds and all will be well for a little while, or until you decide to explore again.

Posted on 04.27.2014


Sarah C of Montreal QC Canada

Traveling is definitely the best way to open your mind. Some of my personal, most life-changing experiences were from traveling - I am a city girl 100% through and through, and plopping me down in the middle of nowhere in a poor, Asian country was a drastic change. Though the language barriers were difficult (and having no running electricity, plumbing, or hot water!) the trip made a massive change in my life. I have never appreciated being in the first world more, and I regularly think of the villagers that I encountered there. These are experiences that cannot be simply lived through vicariously, so I encourage you - please travel if you are fortunate enough to do so.

Posted on 04.28.2014