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The topic: Television






Reginald Robinson, Rochester NY

Today I am looking for information on how to add an external hard drive to my cable TV receiver's DVR. I just got my new cable TV service turned on but I'm only able to record about 150 hours in SD (standard definition) and, or course, even less in HD (high definition). I remember hearing something about being able to attach an external hard drive to get more storage space. My cable TV company won't tell me anything. I would appreciate any information on what I need to get and how to do it. Thanks upfront.

Posted on 05.08.2015


HGMIV of Columbia Tennessee

My wife is a big fan of low-budget horror on Netflix. We recently saw a scary Netflix movie called Absentia, that while low budget, delivered some good scares and was quite original. The director of Absentia recently came out with his new movie Oculus. We were very excited so as soon as we got rid of our toddler for the weekend, we bought matinee tickets. The director did a good job with a unique vision and good psychological thrills, but its execution was ultimately flawed. The story revolves around a family affected by a haunted mirror with a conveniently vague and generic backstory. There was no reason to why it was haunted, just that it killed people in whichever house it was in. Eventually it winds up in the Russell home, the family we focus on for the length of the movie. We are led to believe in the beginning that the father Alan Russel, played by Rory Cochrine, is driven mad by the mirror and kills the mother. It is implied that the son, mainly played by pretty-boy Brenton Thwaites, kills the father and is sent to a mental institution. We jump to present day where the daughter, played by Karen Gillan, finds the mirror at an auction years later and seeks to destroy it and the spirits within. The acting done by the parents, once again played by Rory Cochrine and Katie Sackhoff I found to be fantastic. I've always been a fan of Rory Cochrine and have always considered him unappreciated. Katie Sackhoff's acting experience also does her justice and towards the end of the film shows some true talent. The kids however, are less thean spectacular. I don't know if it was poor acting on their part due to inexperience or bad direction, but everything seemed forced and rehearsed. As I stated before, the execution is both well-done and is flawed. The cinematography, lighting, and feel of the movie does its job making you uneasy and worried about its characters. As the climax of the plot approaches, we see intertwined events that flash back between present day and that oh-so-fateful night so many years ago. The actions and events of each day are parallelled and swap between each other sometimes flawlessly and we are eventually let known the true events of the night. It's very well done in that regard. The director also does a good job of delivering some really wild moments of psychological scares, but once again, I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. I wouldn't pay to see this movie again, but if it were to come on TNT in a year or so I probably wouldn't change the channel.

Posted on 04.19.2014


Bookkid900 of The USAA

If you are a college student, or teacher with a .edu email address and want to save money on Amazon by not having to pay for shipping or $100 a year for prime look at the student version. It has all of the benefits of the regular prime including streaming, 2 day shipping, kindle library and special student discounts for only $50 a year. It used to be $40, but the recent price hike brought it up $10.

Posted on 04.19.2014


Anony-mouse, USA

Whats the deal with the best shows being canceled early yet the shallowest of shows staying on for years? Don't get me wrong, sometimes dumb shows barely last half a season like Dads or Wendell and Vinnie - some show on Nick@Nite - and good shows last a long time. But it seems like TV companies are trying to push less than average writing on our minds and pass it as good by saying in commercials that its THE BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR!! - FIVE STARS SAYS US WEEKLY, etc., etc. There are some amazing writers out their with deep plots for adults and kids alike. But they're not getting hired or they're getting shot down and that drives me crazy.

Posted on 04.20.2014


Elethiome Stuhl of the United States

Has anyone else ever found themselves sitting through a movie or TV show that just happened to be on television but you would have never put it on your Netflix queue? Human nature is a funny thing. We'll sit through things just because it's there that we'd never go through even a little effort to seek out.

Posted on 04.19.2014


Nidza of New York City

On-Demand content is certainly the future of entertainment. I wonder though, with 4K being seemingly more and more integrated, how internet providers will adjust their data plans to accommodate the increased bandwidth. Google Fiber is definitely on the forefront with their gigabit connection so their competitors need to keep up if they want to stay relevant.

Posted on 04.20.2014


Badaboom of New York City

Super Size Me is a very interesting documentary. It shows just how bad eating fast food is. The filmmaker, Morgan, decided to only eat McDonalds for 30 days straight. After the experiment was over, he gained over 20 pounds and started having liver problems. I think this film shows that fast food is unhealthy. This definitely turned me off to eating more at most fast food places.

Posted on 05.02.2014


Haley G. of Thibodeaux, Louisiana

I am a fan of old movies and there are some that I would really like to see come out on Netflix or one of the other streaming movie services online. They are: All The Fine Young Cannibals with with Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, George Hamilton and Pearl Bailey. The Lolly Madonna War with Rod Steiger, Season Hubley, Jeff Bridges, Ed Lauter, Katherine Squire, Gary Busey, Randy Quaid and Robert Ryan. The Garden of Evil with Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward and Richard Widmark. And, Buster and Billie with Jan Michael Vincent.

Posted on 07.27.2015


Richard of Mobile, Alabama

I just want to say that I keep sitting here looking at all these VHS movies that I collected over the years and I made the mistake of getting rid of my VHS player and now I dont know where to get another one because they dont make them anymore. What the heck they think we supposed to do with all these movies? I dont want to get rid of them, I want to watch them.

Posted on 02.17.2016


Kate Morgan

Oculus of Columbia, Tennessee. Both the movies mentioned above – Oculus and Absentia are two of the best low-budgeted horror movies I have seen recently. The director of these movies, Mike Flanagan is an American Film Director, a screenwriter, a producer and he even holds the honor of being an editor in this industry. Mike is best known in the industry for the work he has done in the horror genre, and has produced some of the best low-budgeted masterpieces for the horror enthusiasts out there. Apart from Oculus and Absentia, Mike has produced another masterpiece this year, called Hush. This is again a psychological horror thriller story, to which Kate Siegel gave the screenplay. Hush had its premiere on 12th March, 2016 at South by Southwest and was officially released by Netflix on 8th April, 2016. The plot revolves around Madison ‘Maddie’ the character played by Kate Siegel, who is a deaf author living in a small isolated cottage in the woods. Maddie lost her hearing when she was 13 years old, due to a disease called Bacterial Meningitis. The plot starts when Maddie’s neighbor Sarah comes to her house to return a book, and is chased by a man on the same night. As Sarah reaches Maddie’s door, she is stabbed by the man, which lets the man know that Maddie is deaf. He then threatens her and shows his presence, and the story rather turns into a cat and mouse chase between Maddie and the man. In the process, Sarah’s boyfriend John is also killed by the man, and the chase continues. After being wounded several times, Maddie, finally hits the man with a corkscrew in the neck, and kills him. As she waits for 911 on her porch, the story ends with a dramatic sequence and track!

Posted on 09.02.2016