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The topic: Religion and Cults






Seth Greene of The USA

Catholicism: A Brief Overview. Catholicism was first "created" after the death of Jesus Christ. Though not all believe in him religiously, he is beloved to have been a real, historical figure. Catholicism has its roots in the Jewish faith, as Jesus himself was a devout Jew. It was only after he accrued a large following that Catholicism began to separate from Judaism. As such, after Jesus's death, many believed that Catholicism wasn't a real religion, and many officials persecuted the followers of Catholicism. However, the religion flourished despite it, and Catholicism soon grew to become a major religion. This was helped by Emperor Constantine who legalized the religion in the early 1300's. In 1517 (please correct me if I'm mistaken) a man named Martin Luther was upset with the corruption in the church. After posting his 57 theses (complaints) he decided to form a new branch of Catholicism, Protestantism. Protestants are not Catholics, but they are Christian (believe in Christ). All Catholics are Christian, but not Protestants. Hopefully, that was a brief, informative overview of early Catholicism. Please correct me on any points you feel I got wrong.

Posted on 04.27.2014


Joshua from Edinburgh

If some higher power does actually exist, what does that mean about the various religions that exist in the world? I'm inclined to think that they are all different ways of viewing the same God.

Posted on 07.16.2014


Jiji from Florida

I believe religion has nothing to do with the Bible or the Most High. It is something people use against others for their own profit. Because religion practices things that are absolutely contrary to the Holy Bible.

Posted on Sat Apr 01, 2017


Tibby from Virginia

I too believe that every religion is basically looking towards the same deity. The similarities between most religions leads me to believe that something got lost in the different translations which caused different views to be made and, therefore, a separate religion. As in Christianity, I believe that there were definitely some things that were mistranslated from the original Bible, which was written in Hebrew, to the Bible they read today. Religion is one of humanities oldest beliefs. So at some point in time, everyone probably accepted the same God until either someone else had their own ideas or something vital was left out of the retelling of their stories. None of this is to say that any one religion is right or wrong nor am I trying to say that there is no God. They can't even agree on "who" God is supposed to be (i.e. Jesus, Muhammad, and so forth). But maybe people should take a step back and look at the similarities between what they believe and what people of other religions believe. When people do this, we may be able to come one step closer to finding a holy figure that everyone can agree is "God".

Posted on Sun Apr 23, 2017