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The topic: Police






2s112709 of Kansas City

Have police in the US gone crazy? Most of it is a misunderstanding of what actually happens in a use-of-force situation, police capabilities, and what suspects do and are capable of. Some are outright lies, like the Michael Brown case. Witnesses lied, the media reported the lies, people believed the lies, so a city got burned down, a cop who did nothing wrong was forced to resign, and a city was changed forever. The media goes with controversial headlines and blurbs to make it seem like police are in the wrong. You hear and/or see "Police shoot unarmed man", and you will automatically assume excessive force. People will associate "unarmed" with "not a threat". People are also used to superhero cops on TV and movies and find it unbelievable that we are actually regular humans and we are affected by stress, adrenaline and fatigue just like everyone else. People also can't appreciate how bad a situation can go from bad to absolutely fucked up. Most shootings are not long, drawn out scenarios that give you time to retreat, take cover and analyze the situation. You usually have a few seconds at best to take in all available information and act on it. Real life is also pretty ugly. There are certain neighborhoods that are literally like hostile territory. Gangs or drug dealers run them and they are hostile to police. You can not put on a smile and play officer friendly in these places. All-in-all, I don't believe police in the US have gone crazy, or have exploded in excessive force. I think it's a public perception thing, and actual brutality cases and unjustified shootings are extremely rare. Most police interactions go without a hitch, whether it's with a dumb teenager or hardcore felon. We only hear about it when someone ends up hurt.

Posted on 07.24.2016


Xtremeridewish of Austin, Texas

When I think about the scripture message that we "Be angry but sin not," I think this applies more than ever today. With road rage and all kinds of hot tempers, I would hate to see African American boys and men who don't know how much their anger can get them in trouble. For instance, if they go to a place of business, someone there could decide to mistreat them, aggravate them, ignore them. However, when they engage in this kind of behavior in order to provoke a person to do or say something that crosses the line, they can just call the cops on them. Very likely they won't be faulted for what they did to provoke you. Just last week I saw an African American man mistreated. When that happened, he got angry and raised his voice. They threatened to call the cops and he got in his car and left. But not before he said, "Man y'all see how these cops are killing black men and you want to call the cops over something like this?" He just asked them to do something that it was within their power to easily do, but they weren't up to it. What I am saying is, I want our people, especially men, to be aware that all they have to do is get out of line and they go to jail or have some kind of encounter with the criminal justice system or with police officers. We can be on guard for this. I believe that another tactic used by the enemy is to get a person so upset that they might want to come across the counter on someone or make a threat. When that happens, the person becomes complicit in their own downfall. Don't do it! No matter what that clerk or counter person says, walk away and live to tell it. Stay calm, count to ten or a hundred. But do not let them provoke you. That's what the enemy wants to do, so that they can edge you into destroying your future; and perhaps your life. Since some police encounters don't go well, you have to be mindful of staying on the right side of the law in every way you can (no disturbing the peace with loud music or conversation, drive the speed limit, keep your car insurance/registration/driver's license active and valid, etc.). Don't give anyone any excuse to call the cops on you. Don't give a cop any reason to pull you over. Don't let anger destroy your life. Pull back on it and live another day! I think every parent should talk to their child about this.

Posted on 08.01.2016


Goodprince, New York City

In the last eighteen months, almost two thousand people have been killed by United states police. Several thousand more women and men were killed in jails and prisons across the country in that time. In all, day-after-day in America, three people are killed by police before they ever reach a jail and at minimum eight die in jail. Of those eleven people who die per day in some type of police custody, some of us never hear or learn the name of a single one of them. Every month or two, a story breaks out and completely grips us, and we find out the names and faces of women and men like Sandra Bland or Freddie Gray or Tamir Elmer Rice, and yet on most days, while the deaths pile up, the stories behind them steal through the cracks of newsworthiness and never truly get told. Actually, the average American is likely to struggle to name even just one victim of police brutality from recent months. While I absolutely think our ability to endure the continual death has worn on all of us, I also think the sheer level of injustice in the United States has made it extremely hard for all of us to keep up. Although it is not a police killing, what happened to Trayvon Dean Martin all the way back in 2012 remains an unbarred wound for millions of Americans, and also the little true healing of any sort has happened. In all of 2015, not really one police officer was found guilty for killing any of the 1,202 people killed during the course of the entire year ... a ridiculous fact! With so little justice, and so much death, it isn't just hard to keep up; it's wearing everybody down a nub.

Posted on 08.31.2016


Lbcb697, Atlanta GA

I strongly believe that the recent increase in media exposure to police violence is nothing new. I believe that this has been going on for quite some time now but the majority of people have ignored or turned a blind eye to what has been going on. Now with the advancements of cell phones, internet connection, smartphones, Facebook live, etc., there is no doubt that we are more connected than ever before and therefore can no longer turn a blind eye to what has been going on for so long now. This recent spike in police brutality is nothing new but the recent media exposure is what is new. I think that it is a shame that we did not have this type of media exposure sooner. What I'm saying is I don't wish police brutality on anyone and because I don't want it to happen at all I wish that we had had more media exposure earlier on in life so that way we could have started the steps of stopping such violence and injustice earlier. Despite some of the advancements that we have made with race, power and social inequality, it is still obvious that we have very far to go and we still have a lot of work left for us. Police brutality may seem to be on the rise but I would argue that with new media and new advancements in technology we can work on reducing it and stopping violence not only from police but also to police as well and also having a better idea when someone is hurt why it happened and can take appropriate action then.

Posted on 09.01.2016


Iris West, Philadephia

Violence in police work ... how else are they to maintain law and order? Thanks that I am not a police officer. I sometimes pity the men and women who everyday wake up to protect the people of this country because the people are sometimes totally ungrateful. How do we expect the police to protect us if not by coming down hard on those that disturb the peace? Let us be just a little bit considerate here! Criminal elements have over the last few decades become high-tech with some even owning weapons and devices that are far beyond the capabilities of those owned by the police officers. There is definitely one or two police officers who turn hostile and use excessive force for no apparent reason but that are just the tip of the iceberg. What would you do if confronted by a young man, with a deadly weapon that he is clearly ready to use? We expect the police to have the same level of composure, organization and time to call for back up when they feel overwhelmed like we see it happening in movies but dealing with real issues is quite different. I do not want to believe that police officers have become violent because that appears to be a double standard. A criminal gets charged for engaging in violent crime and the society wants them locked up for good. If the same criminal were to cross the path of an officer of the law and exercises the same violence, why do we expect the police to turn the other cheek? The problem with us is largely the way we disconnect ourselves from the human side of the police. Police officers are people’s children and they are important to their families like our own children are. The bible teaching on forgiveness because it ensures we live together in harmony but it definitely does not apply to all of us. At least not when someone is hell bent on taking your life.

Posted on 09.02.2016


Brooke Garrett, Las Vegas

I centainly understand the person that said we as people "disconnect ourselves" from the human side of the police. It appears to be a tactic we use with anything that is unpleasant or misunderstood. For instance, the same seems to be happening with the public consumption of processed meats. We watch these shows on TV and see people killing animals for food and using all the animals body parts for something useful. And then we get upset and write very nasty and mean things on these peoples bogs. But then we turn righ around and walk in a grocery story and purchase meat for ourselves and our familes to eat. Meat coming from animals that were birthed and raised unnaturally for public consumption. Sorry yall I know this is off topic but these are my thoughts.

Posted on 09.02.2016


Page.Melton of Virginia

It seems America has seen a rise in police brutality, especially against African American people. Or maybe there has just been an increase in the media reporting it. There is no denying that racism is still around in the USA, but can we really believe that only now are cops targeting young black people? No, this cannot be something that just happens overnight. Then again, can we call it racial profiling when the shootings take place in towns and cities that are mostly populated with black people? By now almost everyone has heard of at least one child or teenager getting shot by a police officer. News channels and newspapers are eating these stories up, so to speak. Stories about injustice get people riled up and on edge which causes controversy and in turn keeps them in business. They have figured this out, and so they have been turning out story after story of police violence. Racism has diminished but it is not gone completely, which is a very sad thing for a country trying to be so progressive for it’s people. But the fact remains that black people are still treated unfairly, even if it’s not as extreme as it once was. They are followed around in stores, looked down upon and judged when they walk around a park, many things that white people do not experience and probably never will. There was a time when the majority of America was white. It still is, but there are places now that are not. Some places have Hispanic people as the majority. Others have African American people as theirs. Think about where the shootings have happened, and think about the population. This isn’t true for every case, but a majority of the places are predominantly a black population. It’s not necessarily that the police in these situations were following a black person, just waiting for them to mess up, but maybe that the situation really did escalate and force was needed. Any person of any race has the chance to become violent in these situations, this isn’t exclusive to colored people. Police have a dangerous job. Not everything is a friendly situation and sometimes force is needed. I do believe that force has been used unnecessarily in some cases, but in others it may have been needed. Collectively, we believe that judging one group of people for the actions of a few is considered wrong, so why are we doing this to our police force and to the people of our nation?

Posted on 09.13.2016