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The topic: Parenting






Stephen Holmes of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

The Backward Evolutionary Progression. Statistical evidence cannot always be trusted as there are always donors with a purpose. It lies upon the "everyman" of this World to make deductions based upon what he witnesses going on around his or herself. I would find it hard to believe I am alone in my thoughts of social degeneration, and that this epidemic is real and at our front doors. Personally, I've noticed a sharp increase at the amount of ignorance and stupidity that floats freely around those who challenge their natural instinct to learn. People become accepting of whatever crap life they have dug for themselves, and loose that spark of motivation that pushes the best the farthest. In turn creating lessened living and decency standards that seeps its way through the nation, one door at a time. From high school dropouts on a path of self destruction to the participants in the "Knockout Game", it is apparent that there are those who are no longer in tune with the progression of society.

Posted on 09.17.2014


Seth Greene of The USA

Parenting. How does one measure effective parenting? There's not really a gold standard, but what I can say about being an effective parent is that they should set limits and enforce good behavior. I've seen countless children running around, screaming at the top of their lungs. In a halfway civilized society, children shouldn't be allowed to run around like apes. Behavior and manners are becoming forgotten. Whenever I hold a door, it's seen as a rare occurrence. When people remember to say thank you, they usually have a surprised look on their faces. It's as if they don't see polite behavior anymore. That reflects poorly on the state of parenting these days. Set limits for your children. Enforce good behavior. Punish children for bad behavior. If even a few thousand families did that, the World would be miles better.

Posted on 09.25.2014


Mr. T. Riddick of Texas

In my local newspaper today they were talking about things you did as a kid that your kids will never get to do. Here's my list of the things my children will never get to do: take out the slop jar in the mornings; watch grandma chop chickens heads off; play jacks; make mud pies; play with paper dolls; read Richie Rich magazines; Get the comics from the Sunday newspaper; go to the drive in movie theater; hear the newpaper boy throw the paper in the mornings; ride horses in the homecoming parade; wear bellbottoms, koolocks and knickerbocker pants; shift the gears on my boyfriends new sports car; get your own princess phone line; eat peach cobbler dumplings; chain up the dog at night; have rabbits in a cage in the backyard; shoot marbles; play jacks. What can you add to this list?

Posted on 10.01.2016