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The topic: Music






Brownjesus4566 of Berkeley

Ab-Soul just dropped a track, for stoners to add to their playlist right before 4/20, and needless to say it is excellent. Ab-Soul's lyricism and wordplay is top notch as always, and the instrumental is layered and laid back.

Posted on 04.19.2014


Badaboom of New York City

What types of music do you like to listen to? I enjoy listening to ska-punk and electronic. My favorite ska-punk group is Streetlight Manifesto. Matt Stewart is just amazing with his trumpet pieces. Their music videos are also really great and amusing with the animal cartoons. The cartoon in "Would You Be Impressed" is especially good. My go-to electronic band is The Prodigy. Its a British band and their songs are very unique. I've been to their live performances and its fantastic! It was definitely worth it, compared to their music videos, the live version was 100 times better.

Posted on 06.30.2016



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Posted on 10.23.2014


Daneiel Shaw of Austin, TX

For a while, rap and hip hop seemed to have no origin across this nation. However, with the shift towards trap music and a change in direction for hip hop and rap, has ultimately brought one city and its artist to light - Atlanta. Artists such as Future, Young Thug and Childish Gambino are gaining popularity with new styles and techniques to switch up the rap game. However the real engineers behind the trap music scene are producers who have also gained popularity publicly by adding sound signatures to their productions. This can be seen with the upcoming of new producers such as Metro Boomin, DJ Esco, TM 88 and MikeWillMadeIt who have gained popularity through beats and productions they have put out.

Posted on 11.09.2016