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The topic: Moneymaking






From Pamela K of Houston, TX

Last year a girl at work found out how to buy "Bath and Body Works" lotions for about half price. She took orders and about once a week she would come to work with a big box from somewhere to fill her orders. She sold the lotions for $10 each. I bought four of the "Noir" for some of the men in my family and gave them away as Christmas gifts. I work at a huge call center with hundreds and hundreds of people so she made some good extra money doing this. She doesn't work there any more so I don't know where she got the lotions from at that price. If anyone knows anything about this or where I could find the lotions for that price, I would really appreciate knowing about it.

Posted on 04.15.2014


Jackie Preston of Atlanta, Ga, wrote:

I would like any useful information posted please on how to get into buying designer jeans wholesale and selling them for retail. And any info about the business would be helpful.

Posted on 06.30.2015


From Stephen Holmes of Lafayette Hill Pennsylvania

We have undoubtedly all been tempted with "Work from Home" offers. Beware, they are not all as they seem. Many of these so called services take the money you have worked so hard for, and leave you out to dry. The offer may seem tempting, but it is our responsibility to remain vigilant and fact check to make sure we don't hit the bad end of the deal. Before considering the proposition of working from home introduced to us on the internet, please take a moment and browse a few of the following sites.

Posted on 09.29.2015 | deceptive-work-at-home | beware-these-work-at-home-scams