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The topic: Juicing






Josh from Edinburgh

One of my friends really got into juicing last week. She juiced every single thing she could get her hands on. Vegetables, fruits, weird grains; anything was game. She was doing it as some sort of weird cleansing ritual. By the end of the week she felt awful, and now she cant stand the sight of her juicer. Be careful with juicing.

Posted on 04.21.2014


Lisa of Vermillion, SD

There's a lot of horrible things on the grocery shelves nowadays and we're putting that processed and bleached food into our bodies. It's no wonder why we get exhausted so quickly or we don't want to exercise when there's a whole bag of Cheetos in our stomachs being slowly digested. I really do think one of the best ways to kickstart your body and for you to feel better is to do some juicing! People who juice are able to get really awesome fruits and veggies added to their diet without the hassle of carrying them around all day or dealing with orange peels or tons of seeds. You get all your vitamins, minerals, and you get hydrated while giving your body exactly what it needs.

Posted on 04.15.2014


Donna M. of Douglas City, CA

I just want to share with the World my absolute favorite banana strawberry recipe. I bought my Nutribullet a year ago and my smoothies were coming out just plain. Then one day I accidentally stumbled upon this recipe and I am so addicted I can't wait to get home everyday and make one. Here it is: 4 strawberries, 1/2 a large banana, 1/4 plum, 1/4 large peach, 2 drops vanilla flavoring. Cover half the fruit with milk and the other half with orange juice. Add a few pieces of ice. Now blend and voila! I buy the really big peaches and bananas they have at our Walmart. I bring everything home, cut it and freeze it. The banana, peach and plum are so easy to skin after they are frozen. Sometimes I use halfandhalf milk to make it creamier like ice cream. And Bright and Early orange drink makes it come out real nice. Enjoy!!

Posted on 10.05.2015


Rhalou of Busag, Maramures County, Romania

We should definitely be more careful about the things we eat because we are what we eat and, believe it or not, this influences the way we feel and our health. Eating raw food, like fresh fruits and vegetables is a start because this type of foods have the nutrients unaltered through food-making processes, like most of the food we buy. And the feeling of fatigue, tiredness, irritation, lack of focus and energy, and the fact that we get ill quite easily, are all signs that our body requires proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is enough to have the will to change something in your diet and you will start feeling the differences. It is not a bad joke, because many people, including myself, started feeling and looking better after starting to eat the right food. Now, enjoying juices, or smoothies, can indeed be a more appealing way to start eating fresh fruits, veggies, and even greens. The best part is that you can make a large number of combinations of fruits and veggies and get the flavor you like the most from your recipes. Not to mention that juices and smoothies will be digested faster and will get into your system in no time, without chewing or making a mess. With a juice, everything is prepped and ready to go in no time. The secret is to find a container with a good lid to keep the juice fresh throughout the day, ideally being stored in the fridge or somewhere cooler. If you are not the type of person to eat fresh fruits and veggies, this may end up being weird, but if you have sufficient patience, things will change in better for you. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from natural homemade juices and smoothies will keep you fed, will give you the energy you need to make it through the day, and will even help you lose a few pounds, in case they are bothering you. I think it is something worth trying by everyone that doesn't feel right. It changed the way I feel, it made my immune system stronger (I don't get a cold that easily anymore), it helped me lose some pounds, and I feel great every single day. All these by just eating the right type of nutrients.

Posted on 08.06.2016


CM26 of Jamaica

I totally agree that juicing is the way to go! I recently created a natural juice by blending cucumbers, mangoes, pineapples, ginger, and banana. Not only did it taste good, it also helped me feel great.

Posted on 08.19.2016