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The topic: Investing






Joshua of Edinburgh

I was just speaking about retirement with a friend today. He mentioned that the percentage of riskless investments, so say bonds, should be a percentage of a mutual fund roughly proportional to your age. If I'm 29, then 29 % of my fund investments should be in assets like bonds. This makes sense to me. As I grow older I should become more and more risk advers.

Posted on 07.16.2016


Stephen Holmes of Lafayette Hill Pennsylvania

Before I start, allow me to make it clear that I am not selling you anything. Investment opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, this one just so happens to be green. With the legalization of marijuana occurring in succession within the United States, it is advisable to invest in growing sets. While the use of these to produce marijuana, purchasing them now will mean exponential resale value in the future. While these commodities are in low demand they can be purchased cheap, and as demand increases to does the resale value. Invest today to make a pretty penny.

Posted on 09.29.2016


Victor of Nairobi, Kenya

Financial protection products are programs that enhance a person’s financial security. They ensure that the person and his family are safe in case of death, critical illness or general retirement. There are many types of financial security products tailored for individuals from all works of life. There are the basic financial security products offered by the state for all its citizens, and these are referred to as state benefits or allowances. There are also financial protection products designed by employers for their employees, and these are called pension based schemes. Finally, there are personal or private financial protection arrangements that include life assurance/insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance.

Posted on 10.13.2016