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The topic: Infidelity






Ashley P. of Vermont wrote:

I just found out my boyfriend cheated on me and I am so sad. We met about 8 months ago when I took my car in to get fixed. His was a BMW and I thought it was very nice. I should have known. We started talking. And I'm not even the type person that just starts talking to people. I don't go out to the clubs, I still live at home with my parents and I'm studying to be a school teacher. But he seemed to be a really nice person. We would talk on the phone all the time and we started meeting for dinner. He has his own place and I usually go over there and stay on the weekends. We are always on the phone even when he is at work so I don't understand how in the world this happened. Even in the mornings when I call him I could hear him shaving. But I found out about his cheating when I saw a text and the word "love". Thats when I got suspicious and I've found out he leaves home in the middle of the night. It seems this has been going on a long time and the girl is claiming to be pregnant. He is not answering my calls and when I went by his job he said he lost his phone and is waiting on a new one. I'm just so sad. I don't want to talk to family and friends about it because had even started talking about getting married. How could he do this. I don't know what to do. And this is the second time this has happened with a boyfriend. I feel so lonely and hurt right now. I can't even focus on my studies today.

Posted on 10.01.2016


Carly from Texas wrote:

Infidelity is like the order of the day especially in this generation. It has led to a lot of broken marriages. Nobody loves to be cheated on because it hurts. However, talking about issues in a relationship always helps. If someone feels like they are not being satisfied in a relationship then the best option is not to step out and cheat on their partner. Talking about it and praying too helps a lot.

Posted on 04.04.2017