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big fan of the military, probably because Ive been to war, but I dont care who it is, ill give every last breath of my life defending the country I love over any injustice brought upon us.

Posted on 04.20.2014


Don Doering

If the primary purpose of the VA Administration is to provide medical coverage to veterans, why don't we dissolve the Administration and issue medical insurance to our vets with the funds allocated. That would help boost up the medical industry and eliminate a bureaucracy.

Posted on 06.14.2014


Simmons Debbie of The United States of America wrote:

Action speaks louder than voice, in this modern presidential campaign in the United States, Michelle Obama made a stunning blow on Donald Trump, and this is quite surprising and intriguing in the History of United States election. Michelle Obama ripped off Donald Trump, but she did not directly mention his name. When making her comment at the Fairfax event she made it clear that no one in his or her lifetime has ever had so much exposure to the presidency, not Barrack, not Bill, nobody and yes she is a woman and still speaks brilliantly. She progressed to making her support for Clinton that the people of America cannot afford to squander this opportunity, by particularly given the alternative because their present experience is what they know and is aware. The first lady as she could defend herself, answered some questions about her ability that even though Trump has challenged her husband of not being born in the United States or not but said that his eight years in office has spoken goodwill and answered the question, she made it clear that in her speech calling for steady and measured leadership she boldly made her speech that it is clear that there is an only existing person in the presidential race whom the keys to the White House is to be trusted which is no doubt Clinton and also if a candidate is publicly threatening, mounting fears and telling lies on the trail of the campaign but does not have plans for his goals then that is who they are. Obama praised Clinton that she is one of the few people on this planet that no doubt has the idea and understands what the ruling the most powerful country in the World entails.

Posted on 09.17.2016


Analisa of New Mexico USA wrote:

I just heard that Clinton had a million more votes than Trump and that he won by ELECTORAL vote and not by popular vote. If this is the case then what is the purpose of having an election other than to fool the people of America. If this is the case then we are some dumb asses for letting them get away with this. And we need to do everything we can see that the electoral votes process is done away with. Can anyone explain?

Posted on 11.17.2016