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The topic: Employment






From Sara Benton of Waukegan, IL

Hello my name is Sara and this is my first time trying out this website. I am a student at the College of Lake County and it would be very helpful to me to find more ways to make money online. I live in my parents basement and I just purchased a really nice computer and we have a super high speed Internet connect. I would like to know if there are any other opportunities like this out there to earn some income online. It is about to get cold here and I would like to spend the winter down here studying and working. It is peaceful, quiet and I dont have very many distractions. I would like to find a way to start paying for my education and cover my own expenses. I could commit to about 4 hours per day for 6 days a week. I am studying English; I'm capable on the Internet; I've had office jobs; I can type really fast. I have good communication skills and I enjoy reading and writing, proofreading, editing documents and scripts, data entry, etc. I would really like to know if you are aware of any other opportunities that may be out there for me. You may even contact me directly at [edited out].

Posted on 10.11.2016


Victor of Nairobi, Kenya

Nowadays most writing jobs are done remotely. That means you can do the job at the comfort of your home or anywhere else. The main thing is the quality of your work. You can write full time, part time or as a side hustle to give you extra income. I can assuredly encourage anyone who wants to be a writer, to go for it. But be willing to learn, read and write a lot. For starters you can start writing about things that you are passionate about. Check out a website called WritersInCharge.com. There you will find a goldmine of what you are looking for.

Posted on 10.13.2016


Downy of Alexandria, VA

Hi Sara, I am happy to contact you for the opportunities you are asking about. I have three ideas for you. Based on what you wrote here, you can write ads for companies. I know a great company you can work with online it is based in San Francisco. It pays $2 per accepted ad and you can submit more than one ad for each company they work with. You can contact them here asking about joining as a writer: boostmedia. I see also you have good communication skills. You can create a YouTube channel learning people how to study the English language or for any other ideas you have. There is a great course you can enrol in at udemy. You can get this course with a great discount instead of its original price and Udemy are doing this for many days every month. Also, you can create a course at Udemy learning people the English language and this will make you an extra income. I have good experience working as a freelancer, with about 6 years of making money online, so if you need to ask any questions, I will be happy to help you.

Posted on 04.19.2017