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The topic: Dieting and Diet Pills






Sarah C of Montreal QC Canada

Losing weight is such a controversial topic what with todays society or whatnot. The most important factor to take in is that if you must lose weight, do so safely! There are so many fad and crash diets, like the Atkins diet, juice cleanses, and simply not eating over something absurd like 500+ calories a day. None of that is healthy. The number one thing to remember is to exercise! Exercise is the best form of losing weight, and it's great for your body and overall muscle tone too. Just remember, the more you exercise at the beginning the more of a craving you will have for food - that's normal. Stock up on celery and carrot sticks as snacks and always keep yourself hydrated! Have a water bottle nearby and just keep sipping on it throughout the day. You'll see a change within two weeks - guaranteed.

Posted on 05.05.2014


Sabi of Egypt

I am a fat man, and I need to lose 40 Kg. I tried before by eating about only 200 calories a day every 3 hours, doing exercises for 30 minutes and I lost 6 Kg in 2 weeks but I gained them again in just 1 week. What should I do to lose them quickly ... and is there any side effects on my health if I do so? Thanks!

Posted on 05.02.2015


Cheryl M of Benson

All I want to know is are there any appetite suppressant diet pills out there that has actually worked for you? I'm looking for something to take the edge off. Back in 2005 I was using Acutrim and I was looking so good and then they took it off the market. It was the best. It did not give me the jitters like all the other diet pills do and it did not keep me awake at night. I am not interested in hearing from ppl with their advice and opinions on losing weight. I only want to hear about the pills and your experience with them so I can decide what to buy. Thank you very much.

Posted on 06.05.2016


Rachel of Edison, New Jersey

I use phen375. Before I started using Phen375 in February this year, I was 220 pounds. Now it’s September and I am 186. Phen375 is my miracle pill. I had tried so many pills before; some didn’t work well while some had unbearable side effects. I just thought to give it a last trial before heading to my doctor and it worked. It helped me to deal with my overeating as I now make better choices in fruits for example rather than junk food. I am going to order my next pills after using my current one, because my goal is 145 pounds. I know I can do it because Phen375 works and it gives me no side effects whatsoever. It doesn’t keep me awake, no dry mouth etc. I could do things I never even dreamed I would do, like getting a bike. Oh yes, I got a bike, and I ride on it for miles. Before now, I could not even walk my dog for long. The process of losing weight is a tough one, but I know with Phen375, I will get there. Even if I missed a dose, I just got on it the next day. So Cheryl, Phen375 is the product that works for me. You should give it a trial.

Posted on 09.23.2016