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The topic: Cellular and Mobile Phones






Nidza, New York City

I've been using an iPhone 3GS for almost 4 years before I made the switch to Android and couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple's iOS and up until a couple of years ago it was the better operating system but Android made huge strides in that regard and is slowly establishing itself as the top dog. Not only is it the more customizable operating system but the features it packs right out of the box are ridiculous. And also, iTunes. The one thing that will always stand between Apple and OS greatness is that annoying little program that has to authorize your every move. That's really the big difference isn't it? The control. As a consumer and owner of my phone, or any piece of hardware really, I want full control over it and no restrictions imposed over me by the manufacturer. But that's not to say Android will stay on that path. Who knows what'll happen in a few years time... I guess I got a little off topic. But the question still stands, iOS or Android? What do you use and why?

Posted on 04.28.2014


Victoria K, Crowheart WY

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I just got another loud Amber Alert on it and can someone help me figure out how to turn the (you know what) alert off?

Posted on 05.03.2015


Seth Greene, USA

First of all: Jailbreaking an iPhone or an iPod touch is legal in the United States. Piracy, however, is not. Jailbreaking an Apple device allows the user an almost unprecedented level of freedom and customization. Do you hate apple's slide to unlock? We can help. Try Jellylock7. Perhaps Apple's iOS7 icons bore you to pieces. Well, that's why Winterboard exists. With the power of Winterboard, almost every aspect of your iDevice can be themed. I theme my icons, my apple logo, my cell signal and wifi bars, almost anything you can imagine. Perhaps Apple's thick font hurts your head? Well, with BytaFont2, you'll never have another issue. You can use almost any font you can think of to replace apple's default. I personally use Geo Sans Light. There are so many little tweaks and customizations that I can't live without. Showcase, for example, shows whether or not my keyboard is in upper or lowercase. It boggles my mind that Apple doesn't include that by default. In addition to Showcase, I absolutely adore F.Lux, a wonderful tweak that adjusts your brightness at night to a soothing yellow instead of apple's harsh blue. I could wax eloquent for days about the many tweaks and themes I use on my phone, but it's best you try it yourself. However, I must say that if you aren't the type to take risks, debug, and play outside of Apple's sandbox, Jailbreaking might not be for you. I hope you took something from this post, and maybe I've convinced you to give it a shot.

Posted on 09.29.2014


Faith Richardson, Florida

I just bought the Samsung Galaxy note tablet and S5 cellphone. I would like to know what are some of the neatest tricks you have been able to find?

Posted on 10.01.2014


Alex, Houston

Hello, I want to introduce you to RADBLOK .... this is a new device (microchip installed into your cellphone) and it has different purposes. It will help to save your battery life ... it stores battery life. It helps to counter-act the radioactive or electromagnetic frequency (EMF) which are harmful to your body. It helps to provide stronger signal boost on your phone. And also, it helps to prevent overheating. If you need more information contact (www.radblok.com).

Posted on 09.26.2016