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The topic: Backup Your Files






Seth Greene of The USA

The two cloud storage sites I use on a day to day basis are Dropbox and MEGA. Dropbox is fast, easy, and free for the first few Gigabytes of storage. It's convenient for me because of their iOS app, as well as providing great customer support. In addition, Dropbox has several convenient means of increasing your storage cap, and the best part is- they're free! MEGA, however, is a personal favorite of mine due to 50 free Gb of storage. That's almost 20~ish times the amount of Dropbox! MEGA has an iOS app, thought it certainly isn't as convenient as Dropbox. What I like about MEGA is that it's very easy to both upload and store your files (just like Dropbox) but in addition to 50 Gb, MEGA will encrypt all of your data! Encryption is a powerful tool in this day and age, and it's reassuring to know that they will protect my personal files. By the way, I'm not paid to promote the two sites. I just use them regularly and enjoy them both.

Posted on 04.27.2014