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The topic: Animals






From Jerrard of Houston, TX

I just finished watching the controversial documentary Blackfish on Netflix and I am left feeling very suspicious of Sea World and I'm in awe that people and businesses can be so calculating, cruel and callous when it comes to the business of making money. I hope as many people as possible will watch the movie so together we can defeat Sea World and their affiliate's purpose by hitting them where it hurts most ... in their pocketbooks. Also, it was interesting to learn that male orcas in captivity have a collapsed dorsel fin. Does anyone now why? I think because these whales are depressed.

Posted on 04.13.2014


Chris Patrick, Lauderhill Florida

I am in agreement that the way these animals are treated is in no way a good thing. Animals like these need to be free and not held in a small pool for entertainment. That is why so many of them tend to lash out on their human captors.

Posted on 01.17.2017